Cooking breakfast for my parents 

let me preface this by saying i can’t believe they didn’t even pay me for this breathtaking meal. Anyway, so i open my parents fridge to look for some groceries and i found some truly great things, i was hungry however, so i ate them. I still had to come up with some sort of meal and since there was no criteria, why not have it be the thing that really came first (this will make sense later). Once i decided to go on my noble quest i realized how ill prepared i was, thats why i decided to arm up like some type of zombie apocalypse movie,vhs,TV mini series or some sort of Netflix exclusive. So I’m montaging the crap out of this gearing up scene, listening to 90s alt rock or whatever the genre, grabbing anything in sight. We’re talking electric flyswatters, football pads, iPads, Patagonia hats. Thats right, I’m about to make these tiny little dinosaurs an offer they CAN refuse. Meanwhile I’m scoping the future contents of my stomach from the roof with a pair of binoculars that stole from my aunt Cheryl’s shed, not that it matters, but it helps better explain why theres a spider crawling out of the freaking thing, or was it an apple, because it is that of my eye. More like ON my eye, yeah, this diva roach is straight up forming her web of lies all over my cornea, i wouldn’t be surprised if the she beast made it as far back as my optic nerve before i loosed her shady shoes from my baby blues. Thats right she was going jeepers creepers all over my peepers and all i could think was “oh she’s a keeper”. i scramble for a empty masonic jar to try and capture the majestic warrior id come to respect through the savagery of battle. I give it the ole college try but it seems my plans of taking a gap year are astute because i can’t contain the silky widow, she proved to be a demon witch but she is good. Fast forward a bit in my conquest and I’m hunting for serious now for my supper, trying not to sing because that would give my position away to the avian mercenaries i was about to raid. I spy with my little eye a fence, only about ye’ high (5’8″, the hight of kanye), now my patella is still recovering but with the cold hand of death reaching from the depths the grab my freaking Achilles i know i have to act fast. I say the heck with it and sprint for the gate, the element of surprise decreasing every grain of father times hourglass when i spy a chase hall caliber carabiner holding the membrane of chicken wire together. I undo it with the speed of a thousand spoken word hand gestures and I’m in. I move quickly around the back of this vast enclosure, but only about half as babylonian, and notice a hinge of some sort, i lift it, and there it is, all the precious jewels and gems of the kingdom of this coop. I snatch them like the fox i am and wrestle my furry butt out of there. They chase my tail but i manage by grace to Get home, grab a skillet, cook the eggs, give em to my parents and go to school. Thank you.
(Video is of demons chasing me after I snatched their baby’s)


blog about how my family lost their minds when i made food

Typically i only make food for Valerie, because… well why would i make food for my family instead of my future family, its called vision alright mother, i don’t have thyme for anything else. The thing is that my cooking skills are so absolutely tremendous that i save them for special occasions…like a blog assignment…yay. So right off the bat i was thinking of what i could make that would val would like and probably impress her a little as well ( which is my normal criteria ). Then i realized i had to think outside the bun, because that white bread will turn into sugar quickly in your body. So obviously I’ve got to cook like I’m on some health cooking show or whatnot, like I’m trying to impress or what have you. So to start it off i straight up nuclear bomb this spaghetti squash prior to doing the  proper preparations for the presentation. Firmly grasped a utensil with a pair or more of my phalanges and start clawing away at the thing like a mother bear searching for grub, trying to get those little noodley pieces to fall away from that squash skin that we’ve all come to know and love when suddenly, that particular utensil, unbeknownst to me starts slipping through my claws like a bat outta hell. The metal demon ends up stabbing me in the metacarpals leaving not one, not twelve, but a dozen little bloodshot eyes looking me square in the windows of my soul begging with me, pleading for me almost telepathically not to drown their tiny newborn life force. Anyway i decided to table that silly little thought while i make the rest of my soupy concoction. I threw some birds in there and let them cook, chopped some celery and carrots. Spiced it out of recognition and behold, a soup was born. Put some bleached white flour oyster crackers on top to ruin the health of the whole thing and called it good, i might have made a salad if it wasn’t just so darn green  already. They loved because they are sheep and i am an arctic wolf.

fasting from sugar, in the context of the sugar fast

i think it went really well honestly. pretty easy for me, i do like sugar occasionally though. it was super worth it at least to know what its like to be fasting sugar, everyone should do this fast thing with things in their life that they think are crucial and unfastable. ill probably fast from my house next. so thats gonna fast a little money from my wallet. but I’m fasting from the point, this experience has been great although i did become a kind of a food snob for a little bit, so some of my friends fasted from hanging out with me. but to get real, fruits taste like candy and candy tastes like babylon. even some vegetables (which I’ve never been about) start to taste good, i feel like especially with taste my senses are more awake, not because i cut out sugar only, but because i replaced them with nutritious foods. just tonight we made some spaghetti squash and i thought it tasted like butter and my mom thought it needed some. going forward ill still continue to drink protein power after a workout and maybe have a bar when I’m in a hurry. but for the most part now i still act as if I’m on a sugar fast, just more of a biles type sugar fast where I’m probably healthier then everyone so i can cheat and it not really matter because i run half marathons and get 19th place, oh wait! that was peter! so maybe you can’t afford to slack in the diet department, after all, you were only 32nd out of 9,525.

















sugar fast

Thus far this fast has been pretty easy for me, I’m used to giving things up, i did after all give up my presentation halfway through (i was forced to quit at the disgraceful 45 minute mark). Overall it hasn’t been difficult, i went off sugar two weeks before the official class-wide fast with Johns’s cousin. Shopping has been more of a pain, I’ve probably spent hours extra checking nutrition labels to make sure i don’t have a minuscule, harmless amount of sugar. I don’t think its that big of an issue honestly, the sum of my sugary things are protein powder or bars which contain fiber. I guess one positive thing about this would be realizing how many things actually have sugar in them, but I never ate processed food in abundance anyway so its not terribly important. Now i eat 4 apples a day up from 2. Snacks are basically just more expensive and perishable. Cooking is a more difficult and requires planning and effort. It hasn’t been as bad as others would make it seem. One helpful thing would be for the class (teachers included) to come together in solidarity and not cheat *cough* Mr Biles *cough*. Now, patigionia is expensive, and i don’t have to pay rent yet so i will not be accepting my rightful, and fairly won item, however, i do expect compensation in an area yet to be determined. But i cannot expect to depend on the assembly of the class for dietary ethical righteousness. Certainly Under no circumstances can this carefully crafted congregation be counted on collectively when it comes to consumption. After all “We become strong, i feel, when we have no friends upon whom to lean, or to look for for moral guidance. ” – Benito Mussolini

Sugar fast, in regards to my teaching

The sugar fast has been going alright, however, it is putting a strain on my teaching and general mental health. Occasionally i will catch myself thinking in numbers and math equations instead of words and witty comments like a normal human person. Sometimes all my kids say  is “dad! i don’t understand when you talk in 1’s and 0’s!” which is such 01000010 01010011 honestly, i am after all, their father…Brennan Eugene Will. There are benefits to this fast though! (I discovered this after doing a cost benefit analysis) I never thought i could be so successful at beating kids half my age at a disc game. What would be more helpful in completing this task would be to not have students stealing my sugar free peanuts, in addition to my chemistry assistant Mr Biles , not sneaking sugary treats during his commute and drinking copious amounts of coffee in the handicap stall of the bathroom (at least 1 liter per day per square foot of Biles). To switch gears ( which are a set of toothed wheels that work together to alter the relation between the speed of a driving mechanism (such as the engine of a vehicle or the crank of a bicycle), i was talking to my one and only friend John who has split personality disorder and he told me that honey is processed by our body just like sugar, which is crazy! Ill probably tell my class that repeatedly, to be exact ill tell them 2×3 times or maybe even 2×4 if I’m feeling extra frisky! I apologize to my diligent readers if this seems scattered, I ate all of my children’s corn syrup candy and junk food last night (don’t worry internet, i told my class i threw it away). In regards to my mood, it has been invariably constant. With the exception of when i talk about something that I’m excited about in class, like when people don’t spend their time or money like i do, or when I’m talking about just a whole bunch of random information. Nothing specifically has been hard to give up, but I (thats I as in Brennan Will, who is the person that i am) was surprised at how many foods contain added sugars, even “healthy” ones.  In conclusion, I’ve felt no real  difference yet except annoyance when shopping (at aldi). This is bwill00 signing off!

Health & Nutritional Science: in response to wendell berry’s article, direct answers.

  1.  I think Wendell wants us to get back to actually be connected with food, it’s challenging but rewarding. Eating is an agricultural experience because so many different pieces play a role. instead of just going in buying something you have to acknowledge the whole ecosystem and everything that contributed to what you’re eating.
  2. I more then agree it could be dangerous. It is already happening. Look at all the health problems caused by food with this happen if we knew everything we were consuming? The fact that we have to have class on our diet and what we are putting in our bodies shows how detached the average American has become from the idea of raising/growing their own food.
  3. I don’t think it’s a fair comparison necessarily, I do however Think that if one assumes we cannot be free unless we’re always in complete control of ourselves (which is what you’re assuming with this question) then we are never free. Everyone is born into a system you can never be in complete control of your life at the very least you’re at the mercy of nature are you in control of your birth? We were born powerless and if we spend our lives trying to gain power and control then we will become consumed by it.
  4. They are one in the same! (maybe not that extreme but still) nature is diverse so why shouldn’t our diets be? My conclusion at this point of the class is that no one thing is the answer to health much like one single thing isn’t the problem. As long as you don’t overindulge on one type of food (i.e. corn) you can be decently “healthy”.
  5. You are what you eat! What you put in your body is what you get out of it. This can be traced back all the way through the food chain to the soil, most every food i know of  comes is related to the soil in some sense. basically we are eating dirt at has been turned into other things by other things. If you look at chemistry what we eat is actually kind of weird and gross.
  6. Not only the pleasure of taste and of being full but pleasure coming from the mind knowing that you’re eating a product of your hard work. You can get pleasure from the soul knowing about everything you’re eating and confident that it’s good for you because you know where came from. Also knowing you haven’t contributed to any systematic oppression by some big Corporation. You shouldn’t only feel good about what you’re eating but everything revolving around what you’re eating



also rearrange the letters in Tyson and you get Syton… Just syn.

Crossover class! 

What is worth our lives? Society today is incredibly materialistic. It’s the norm! The idea that we need to just get a bunch of stuff to be happy is shoved down our throats constantly, in our music, in our entertainment, and even in just talking to people in our everyday lives. That’s the sometimes not so subtle vibe. “If I could just get money I’d be happy”. But is the pursuit of money worth our lives? Who am I to judge what a life is worth? I think money is a great amoral tool. The only problem is when the pursuit of it takes over. So for example I’d love to have a lot of money so I could support my family someday and make sure they’re taken care of. But in order to do that I have to work and spend less time with them. In dream launch were trying to figure out how to turn our passions into a career. The problem with me being in that class and with the question of what our lives are worth is that I have no passions! Just a side ote I think money can be very useful but as humans were gonna corrupt things so money is used selfishly. Even in doing good things like giving money to others (which is proven to make you happier) is used selfishly if you’re just using it to make yourself feel better. So anyway my thoughts on the class were that it went really well! Mr Beckett is crazy smart. I loved that story even if it took a little time to process I thought it was hilarious and twisted. I liked how mrs Kingston gave people things to mess with (she gets us kids and our rap music). I really liked how it went but the only critisism I could possibly give would be that the only reason I liked this class is because I like reading. I was gonna be in Heros journey before this so I like all of it but maybe for the people that really just wanted to learn about money I could see them feeling like this wasn’t a very productive class day. Talking about the morality of money or how people use it is great but you can’t nessicarily go out and apply it like you would be able to some other things we learned about. I like how we learn about different things and how they connect but maybe people signed up because they hate reading and they wouldn’t have liked today. Idk! I thought it was cool! I definitely miss hearing from the other mentors so that was a huge plus! Maybe keeps us on our toes to have different styles rotated in? 

closing thoughts on racial reconciliation

so id say first off and most glaringly isnt a problem that could be avoided, and thats simply that the class was too large to really get super deep and into it like i think odyssey is about. obviously people feeling like they have a voice is great and should be encouraged in the world but a lot of the comments in the class are just excessively redundant. i struggled a little bit with getting annoyed at people. the problem is when all the discussion time is taken up with people just recapping whatever we just heard or saying a thought thats basic that everybody already thought of because we wont have time to explore the deep waters. during a discussion i would hear maybe one or two ideas that i had not thought of, thats not to try and brag about thinking deeply or anything but i feel like that was lacking, at least from the general discussion during class time. i think it would take some effort to commit to stick to deep thoughts but i think we could do it. this means that there might be an awkward silence after a question which i think people need to learn is ok! i know just a few years ago i had to learn this when i was in a more intimate class with mainly introverts, and our teacher had us lead discussion. that really made me understand my classmates more and how they think. everyone thinks differently and at different speeds and when people keep saying shallow comments quickly its almost stealing the voice of those who take longer to process. not saying we can wait all day for people to share but if someone answers a question literally right after a question i would challenge the amount of thought put in to the comment. not to say people cant think quickly but you know what i mean. the answer for me during this class was to continue on these conversations outside of class with friends who think deeply and also thinking about it myself. i just wish we could attain the same depth of thought in the entire class like it is whenever i talk to a fellow, senior, and a junior. another cure for this is smaller more intimate class sizes i think. i would recommend talking to mr Jossel about some issues like that because i think he does a great job of controlling the class without being consequential in his discipline.

secondly i feel we did not spend as much time on the reconciliation section of the class. which if i am being honest here in my blog post i am pretty fine with. i know dr. Martin and i talked about this a little but race isnt my issue (not really sure i have one). in the early weeks when it was first mentioned “this might not be some peoples thing” i was like thank god im not the only one whos had this thought in the entire room haha. if any of the mentors want to know the extent of my apathy you can just talk to mr Jossel. but, as far as the course i really liked it as far as the history aspect but also hated it for the same reason. but i feel like if its a “race reconciliation” course we didnt spend as much time on the reconciliation part as we could have, again, im fine with how it worked in this regard. the speakers we had are all great and i feel like that where we got alot of “so what, now what’ information but even though some gave some thoughts or personal experience (side note: someone who has personal experience i think holds way more credibility when they speak and are able to answer with things that have happened to them or what they’re doing) but even though they shared some thoughts, after they spoke i think we could have spend some time one what to actually do which would be the hard part, i know personally i would be reluctant. maybe some thoughts for gender reconciliation since its another “rec” class.

finally, i dont want any of this to sound anything other then constructive criticism. all the mentors have been really great. and i can tell everyone put in alot of effort to make this a good experience. if you have any questions about any of this just talk to me! ive got more thoughts probably. thanks!

identity and equality

so starting off with identity and everything, right away after the civil war would have been a nightmare. black people being so obviously enslaved and then having the tables flipped completely upside down would have been such a struggle for the entire population to figure out who they are and what role they play in society.

all throughout slavery in america the north was the played up as a promise land (kind of how america is to mexico right now i might say). the mindset was if you could just get to the north everything would be okay. Fredrick Douglass actually had something say about that, theres a great quote where he calls the under ground railroad “the upperground railroad” because of how obvious it was but really he just does not agree with Harriet Tubman about just getting them to the north as opposed to educating the slaves which is true freedom. anyway, the north was glorified so much partially due to a newspaper called The Chicago Defender. and as we were talking about this in class i just thought it was interesting how i think this is still happening today. not just for black people but for americans as a whole. so many people are sold on the idea that if you can just get all this money or whatever it is that you will be okay but then you get there and realize its not all its cracked up to be. pop culture i think plays a huge role in this, music, for example glorifies so many different things that people gorge themselves on wanting to be filled. its cool to get all this money and shoes and cars and women and whatever. but just like the north, it kinda still sucks once you get up there.

so this migration of 6 million people is huge, not just because the sheer number of people but the fact that most of them are still trying to figure out who they are. and lost people are easy to manipulate (share cropping). i think also location plays a big role in identity if you have not really done any soul searching which nobody probably had the time or the inclination to do. so basically just a ton of people flocking north trying to figure out who they are and thankfully they expressed who they were through music. music is amazing. personally, as someone who cant communicate to save his life, music is life the only way to express how you are feeling, its so easy and relaxing. i think after all these hard times people just needed to express themselves through music. i hate to hear about how they were patronized though, its like a joke on twitter but seriously white people ruin things. finally black people were figuring some things out and then white club owners or whatever come out and have them just play for white audiences. music is just trying to express identity but so many people were, and still are trying to steal other people identity.

also just to point out something i thought was cool. in one of those paintings there is a star in the top left corner which i interpreted as the north star and throughout the painting its like the progression of black people so on one side they are tilling fields as slaves and then later they are musicians but they are always kind of looking at the north star which i think means like they are always striving for freedom and still have not found true equality even as free people.

what if lincoln hadn’t been assassinated?

if lincoln had not been assassinated the united states would be vastly different. for one we would much more united today because lincoln was actually trying to bring us together as a nation. lincoln truly was the souths best hope for reconciliation. the other leaders of that day and some of the ones that stepped into power after lincoln i feel like had this mindset of “we won you lost so you get what you deserve now”. lincoln might have been the only person to have even attempted to put the phrase “with malice towards none and charity for all” into practical use. he would have continued to piece us back together instead of keeping us apart. i feel like a lot of the issues were seeing today or at least seeing in the media is because like dr. Martin said it just set us back. these issues would have already been dealt with or maybe not even an issue in the first place. for example, i was partnered with danime and i said i did not think the confederate flag thing would even be happening right now. because the way i see it is this, the reason southerners cling to the confederate flag is because america did not do a good job of putting america back together after the war. the confederate flag is really just a way to stand out and set yourself apart, but i would argue they would not feel the need to stand out today if lincoln had not been assassinated. he would have brought the nation together as americans flying one flag, obviously it would take some time to integrate the confederacy back into the union but then they would not feel the need to even identify as different but as americans. all the differences that i think of all have to do with diversity. bringing people together is hard, but i think lincoln was up to it. segregation is honestly pretty natural i think. not on like a massive like different school level segregation (although its surprising how there are still basically “black schools and “white schools”) but i mean just kind of natural tendencies to stay in your comfort zone, like how some boys dont really talk to girls when they are younger. you have to actually make an effort sometimes which a lot of people are not willing to do. we just wanna stay comfortable and without knowing it i think just tend to flock towards people that are the closest to yourself. like when i walked in the gym for basketball practice, without realizing or caring really i would just go to the group of white guys talking instead of the black ones, not because i dont like them or because im racist, but because we are all just a little different. and im less different to the white guys. also i think maybe a fear of rejection plays apart in that like wanting to fit in. we also talked about how music today would be affected, like jazz and soul wouldnt have even been around i think or not near in the way that they became and how jazz influenced so many other types of music. music maybe wouldnt be or have been as segregated. lyrics would be less demeaning towards different aspects of culture and stuff like that. anyway all hypothetical, i think the butterfly effect (if thats what its called) would take place in any change of event throughout history, meaning the changed outcome of this would be greater or just different then what we came imagine, but a fun and interesting exercise nonetheless.